Email using email client

I would like to be able to see an email from a record which includes to cc bcc and subject picked up from the record.
I want to be able to edit out addressees in each email and I need to open the email I draft and edit it in my email client on Mac and iPad.


There is a way to open your default email application with data from your Ragic sheet. You need to construct the link as follows:

In the sheet!/2/0 look at all the pink fields and you will see how I did this. The “Mailto Link Debug” shows the result of the formula below and then the field SEND EMAIL should open the example below in Outlook or whatever your default email application is.

The formula is: 'mailto:'+A8+'?cc='+A9+'&bcc='+D8+'&subject=Email%20about%20'+A3+'&body='+SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(A10,' ', '%20'),'\n', '%0A')

The SEND EMAIL is: '[URL=mailto:'+ A12 +']Click here[/URL]'

If you copy the value from the Debug field paste it in a browser address it launches the application with all the data. Copy this in the browser adress bar and then you get this as an example.


The formula '[URL=mailto:'+ A12 +']Click here[/URL]' does not work. I logged a similar issue so I am sure they are looking at this. Once this works then you will have what you need.


When I SEND EMAIL I get the attached error

Correct it does not work currently which I am hoping the clever developers can fix. I am not sure why it should not work so let’s see what Ragic support can tell us, or how else we should do this.

I see when I hover over my link it seems Ragic changes the mailto:… link to the below.



This is a pretty fundamental feature which is obviously intended to be included and supported. Why no report of action or investigation?

I have but Ragic does not support it. I know links can be a security risk hence the restriction inside Ragic. I do however think have a solution we are working on. Like our Facebook page and you will get notified when it is released


It would be nice if Ragic would store more than one email for mass emails. I have to keep emails in a separate file and copy pate them into Ragic.


I would suggest you can post the request at the feature request section for further discussion.