Email notofication when creating new record not sent?


i have one thing i don´t get. No matter if i use Ragic on my NAS or if i use Ragic in web - i set all needed things to receive email notification when i add a new record - but i never receive any email.

On my QNAP i did the following settings:
SMTP_SENDER_AUTH_PWD=Password for my email account

No matter if i use Port 465 or 587 or if i fill out SMTP_PORT or not - no changes.
Is there any way to proofe if settings are wrong or if emails can be sent by Ragic?

And even in “Ragic Web” i add a new entry - but won´t receive any notification.


For the web version, you won’t receive the notification of creating new entries if the entries are created by yourself. If this is not the case, please send a support ticket via “Need Help?” at the upper right corner of the database so that we could check further.

Ah i see. Is it the same behaviour when i use the on-premise version on my QNAP? If i create a new entry there i don´t receive any notification either.
Thanks for your fast reply :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s the behavior in the on-premise version.