Hi guys,

Are you thinking about to have an e-mail integration with Gmail, to be able to send, receive, store emails, etc or have access to the mail box?

Thank you.

We do have some e-mailing ability:

But currently we don’t have any plans to integrate GMail in specific.

Hi Jeff!

I was checking the Zapier integration with Gamil but I didn’t understand very well.

Do foi have a video on how it works?

Thank you.


Currently, we don’t have a video tutorial for integrating through Zapier. You can elaborate more on what you would like to achieve with an example so that we could help.

Hi Angie,

I would like to access my Gmail inbox inside Ragic to send and receive emails.

Thank you.


Currently, this is not supported even with Zapier integration. At the moment, all the e-mails sending within Ragic are through our mail server and we don’t have a plan to integrate Gmail.

However, you can cc your Gmail when sending the emails from Ragic and set the “Reply-To” also so that the Gmail will receive replies.