Email Action Button - Any way to select a different email field?

Is there any way to either force the Contact Email Action Button to pull its selected email address from another email field? For instance, on the spread sheet for mass email, we can choose which email field to use. I’d like to be able to either make that choice with an individual contact or else be able to build two different action buttons - one that would pull the student’s email (which is the default) and one that would pull the parent’s email (captured in a second field).


Currently, what you’ve described is not supported in the mass e-mail.
To refer to a specific e-mail field when sending e-mail, you may need to use the action button of “Send Custom E-mail”. :slight_smile:

Thank you! That is working for one specific e-mail field. And I can set a template that defaults to put the correct e-mail address in. But using that, I would like to have another action button that says “email parent” and make that template default to another e-mail field. Is there any way to save multiple e-mail templates?


You can create multiple action buttons of “Send Custome E-mail”.

Angie -
Thank you. I have created a second button, but any changes made to the template seems to apply to both buttons and I can’t customize the templates separately. Is there a way to customize 2 different templates? Right now, any change I make affects both.


Thanks for the reply.
I’ll check with our developers and get back to you early of next week since they’ve left for the Chinese New Year.

Thank you!


For this issue, would you mind to send a ticket to our support team via the “Need Help?” at the upper right corner of your database so that we could test? Currently, our developers are unable to reproduce this issue.

Thank you. I’ll do that.

Angie -

I think I’ve misunderstood the use of the “send custom email.” I was thinking it worked the same as if I went to the left side on form settings and created an action to “email this entry.” I realize now that the “send custom email” button is going to send the specific email set up there - such as a receipt, etc. - and isn’t something that will be altered by the user at the time of sending.

I’ve set a button from “email this entry” and created a template that defaults to the student’s email. I was looking to create a second version of this with a template that defaults to the parent’s email. But it’s not big deal for them to just paste the appropriate email address into the template. I guess I need to post that request in the feature requests.