Edits in listing revert when Saved

Trying to edit in the listing view. The pop-up pen appears on hover, indicating the cell is editable. I go ahead and edit. But when I click Save it reverts to the pre-edit value.

What’s up with that? How do I get the edits to stick?


Hi Eric,

Would you please let us know if there’s any formulas assigned to the field?

Hi Amy,

They’re mostly checklists, with 2-5 color options. No formulae.

And there are lots of instances throughout the sheet. It’s a general behavior.

Hi Eric,

Since I’m not quite sure about the issue you currently encounter, would you please submit a ticket to Ragic support by clicking “Need Help” at upper right corner in your database > Ragic Support > fill up the form with detailed information regarding this issue (e.g. on which sheet (sheet url), the steps to reproduce the issue), and a screenshot of the issue for us to refer to would be helpful as well. And click “Grant Access to Ragic Support Team” for us to look into your database.


Strange times, Amy.

I was replicating the process to create screenshots for a support ticket. But this time, for the first time in 10 -12 attempts, the edits were saved.

Has someone at Ragic been on the issue already?

If the phenomenon re-occurs, I’ll lodge a ticket.

Thanks for the help.

Hi Eric,

Since we were not sure about the issue you encountered, I don’t think we did any fix on it.
However, glad that it’s resolved on your side! Feel free to let us know if you encounter this issue again.