Editing Cascaded Selections

Hi - I need to change our cascaded selections options and then update the entries with the new set.

When I update the cascaded selection, the entry keeps the old one, which is fine, but when I try to do a Mass Update to change them to the new cascaded selection I get an error message that the new option is not available.

Any help appreciated, thanks. We are working through all our cascaded selections and would like to get the method right now before going through all of them. I don’t want to have to update them one at a time.


Mass edit doesn’t support cascaded selection fields. You may need to export entries into Excel, correct the selections there, and then import it back to your sheet.

Thanks Angie
That’s disappointing - could it be requested to enable this please?
I don’t really want to risk importing a new set of data and messing it up. These fields are crucial to organising our projects. I may have to leave it for now.

Just a thought, but have you tried making “child records” from the cascading table? Then you could do mass updates from those “forms”. That is what I do to accomplish reporting off of cascading table data.


Angie M.

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Thanks Angie. I’m not familiar with child records so if there’s a guide that would be helpful please. However, I’m not trying to create a report from the cascaded selections (sorry if I’m misunderstanding).

Just to clarify, one example of what I need to do is:
In the first screenshot above, in the set of options under 2. Planning, I need to remove 2. Initial Design and every entry that has 2. Initial Design selected needs to then be changed to 3. Design Development. This is where I found the problem with mass update.

Basically these are our project stages and we would like to refresh and tweak them. The above is just one that needs doing but there are others under the other project stages that need changing too.


The screenshot isn’t coming through. Child Records help with reporting, but will also do your mass updates.

Go to Form Tools, New sheet from Subtable. Whatever fields are in your subtable (i.e. Project stage) it will add those fields to a new form. From the list view of the new form you can do mass updates.

Let me know if this works.

Thanks Angie, I understand what you mean now.

These fields aren’t in a table so I don’t think this would work, thank you though.


The mass update feature now supports the cascaded selection field. Please test to see if it works as expected.

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Hi angie1,

Would you happen to have an example of a “child records” or a cascading table data?

I have been on the search for ways to easily update a cascade selection list.