Easily Integrate Ragic with MS Outlook & Apple calendars 📆

We are excited that we have the Ragic iCal plugin available which you can see in this video demonstration. Simply export any Ragic event data like meetings, delivery dates, project dates, tasks, … into MS Outlook with a couple of clicks.

If you would like to make use of iCal contact us at RagicSolutions@gmail.com or www.RagicSolutions.com and we will help implement it in your Ragic solution.

How much it cost for this solution?


We charge an hourly rate to implement the JavaScript code to our API. We are adding other integrations also so keep a look out for news on that front.

I will contact you directly to avoid keeping the community busy.


Good news::clap: This works universally so you can use it with all these platforms or devices:

  • Microsoft Outlook, built in Microsoft Mail & Calendar and Android phone

  • Apple iPhone Phone, Apple Mac OS