Easier Use of Link and Load Sync


I use Link and Load a lot, and will often have over 10 fields on a sheet that all need the “sync” button checking.

At present, I am clicking on Tools and using the cog next to each Link.


However, going form one to another is fiddly, and I often find I have accidentally missed out a link.

It would be super helpful if I could click on the cog once, and then from that menu scroll through the different links, either with a back/forward button, or even named tabs similar to when creating Link and Load fields.

Just an easy navigation tool at the top of this menu would be really useful.



Great idea!!!

I agree as the solutions grown it gets frustrating scrolling and trying to click the right things. Drop down menus would save space and avoid the scrolling.
You could have one drop down to trigger the value loading tool replacing the link and another to select is to change the setting replacing the gear icon.


Thank you for your suggestion! I have made the feature request to our team and we will be working on adding this type of navigation. I appreciate your feedback!

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Now you can switch between different set of link in the pop-up window:

:clap:Brilliant this is going to make life so much easier.:clap:


This is great! Exactly what I needed.

Thank you so much!