Duplicate Sheets / Tab


Is it possible to copy the whole tabs or sheets into another tab, and not to have problems with the database? I guess I would have problems right?

Objective: copy the following sheets/structure

-Sheet A1
-Sheet B1
-Sheet C1

And then paste it as the following structure.

-Sheet A2
-Sheet B2
-Sheet C2

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Please right-click on the tab name and test to see if “Duplicate Tab” is what you’re looking for.

Thanks for your help guys,

As a note, I copied the sheets and you have to do it one by one and create your new tab. For those people who is going to do the same, just consider that all references from link and load will remain active: it means that you need to delete of all them (in the new sheets) and rebuild them as you need.



If you duplicate the “tab”, you don’t have to rebuild the linking relationships.