Download as Excel to a specific folder


When I execute the Action button tool “Download as Excel” or “Mail Merge” the file will be sent to my local download folder. Is it possible to direct this file to a specific folder of my choosing?

I do not want to manually move the file from my download folder to another folder.

If I can specify a folder I will be able to simply integrate the 3rd Party “Label Live” program. It will watch this new folder and then automatically print a label, and then delete the file. This allows me to use Ragic and the full functionality of label printing software.

The way a browser based application can interact with your local system’s folders is limited and determined by your browser. There are usually security concerns.

You can always setup “default download” folders on browsers though.

For example, in Chrome Downloads setting:

You have the choice of where the file should go to, and whether or not it should ask you every time.

But the down side is that different application all share the same browser setting.