Direct link to creating a new record

Is there a way to direct link to creating a new record so when someone clicks an external link it takes them immediately to the new record entry?

For example:


You may embed the sheet with a database form to get the link. :slight_smile:


This seems to work too.

Just add “?new” to the end of sheet URL and you’re redirected to the add new form for that sheet.


This does work. I want to add the capability of filling one or more of the fields in the new record. Is that possible?

Yes. You can add a new record and pre-fill a field with the value of a field on your original document: ie /DCCollars/other2/2?new&pfv1000321={1000337}
The first bit up to ‘?new’ creates a new record and '&pfvwhatever={whatever} copies the field value from the original field to the new field. The numbers relate to the fields.

If this isn’t clear come back to me and I’ll try to explain it better.


Fantastic. How do you know this? I cannot find the info anywhere.

Thanks. My application just went up a notch.

Not sure where I found it . Maybe in the developer stuff. That’s the thing with ragic. Chances are it’ll do wnat you want it to but it’s just hard to find out how! :slight_smile: