Difference between UPDATEIF() and IF() Formulas

Can anyone explain to me the difference between these two expressions as written below, if any? I am trying to understand the subtle differences between UPDATEIF() and IF().


In what situation would these two expressions as written above give different answers? Or rather, is there a situation where one expression would make a field value change, but not the other?

Note: I realize that IF() has an ELSE value that UPDATEIF() does not. I am just trying to understand if there are any differences in what triggers the two functions to work.


UPDATEIF() will be triggered when performing the set rules while IF() will be triggered every time you edit the referenced field.

For example, if you originally have “YES” in the A1 and you manually update it to “NO”, it will trigger IF(A1=“YES”,A1) but not UPDATEIF(A1=“YES”,A1). UPDATEIF() won’t be triggered since you’re not updating the A1 to “YES”.

Got it. Thanks for the explanation!