Designing new form structures


I am trying to completely reorganise our Ragic forms and would like some help if I am approaching this from the right way.

We have a series of (currently) 6 forms that technically all line up under each other. eg:

Client (General information about the customer. Top Level)

  • Legal Entity (Information about a specific part of the client’s business. Second level)
    –Country Specific Information (Information about how the above legal entity sells into a country, their turnover in that country etc. Third level)
    —Registration Types (High Level information about registrations in the above country. Fourth level)
    ----Registration Subtypes (Lower level information about the above registrations. Each Registration type usually splits into two or three sub-types. Fifth level)
    -----Registrations (the lowest level of detail about the above registrations. Each Registration subtype usually splits into two or three registrations. Sixth Level)

I am trying to find a way of copying all of the data from the higher level to the lower level quickly and efficiently, so each lower level needs only minimal data entering, and no information needs duplicating.

At present, I have got the three Registration forms as subtables on the Country page.

The plan was to be able to complete just the subtable information in the Country page, so my colleagues could essentially stay on one page and create three new records in three different sheets, as below:

However, for each subtable, there is a field that automatically creates a concatenate based on other fields that have been created. This give that record a unique and useful name. When the new records are made using the subtable, that concatenate field does not fill in. This means I have to create a record in the first sub-table, then go into that record and refresh it. This then causes the concatenate field to populate correctly. Then I can go back and complete sub-table two, using the concatenate field to link to sub-table one. It makes the whole thing a lot less user-friendly even though it’s essentially the same steps.

Is there a better way of linking these sub-tables to each other so we can just run through quickly and easy, from one place, without having to enter each record?

I am also curious is there is a formula we can use to check on the all the contents in a column in a sub-table. Essentially, I would like to have a field on a form that looks at all of the records in it’s subtable, and return a value based on what it sees.

To be specific, if I had a field in a sub-table to show the status of that record (ie Registered/Not Registered/In Progress), could I have a field in the parent form that looked at all of the statuses and returned an overarching status for all of them (ie if all statuses say Registered, it says Complete, if some say In Progress, it says In Progress)?

Finally (for now!), we would like to be able to make use of the Ragic repeating date field. However, for some records the date would need to be X days after the Month End, some would be X days after the Quarter End and some would be X days after the Year End. Is there a way of putting all of those options into one field or would we need three fields, one for each period of time? At present we have to export to excel and run a macro.

Sorry, I know this is a very long topic!



Hi Terri,

Would you mind to send us a ticket, by clicking on the “Need Help?” at the upper right corner of your database and fill the ticket form, so that we can have a look of your current design?