Deleting templates! And re-installing or reverting to the original design!

Hi guys,

I am yet to really use any of the Ragic templates to any real extent! So still fairly unfamiliar with them!

My question is, if I was to delete a template that I had installed, would I be able to again in the future re-install the same template again, or can it only be installed once?

Also, I know that I can retrieve them from the recycle bin if they were previously deleted. However, if they were modified in any way,… I would therefore either like to re-install a fresh copy, or retrieve the old one from the recycle bin, and then be able to “revert” to the original template design!

At this time, I’m unaware of a way to revert to the original design, a modified template!

As usual thanks for all you help!



The template can be re-installed after deleted, the re-installed template would be Ragic original designed version. If you have made any design changed to template, you have to delete the template and re-install to get the original template design. If you just retrieve it from recycle bin, it would be the one that had been modified.