Delete filtered not working

I filtered a sheet so as to show essentially blank entries so I could delete them.
Tools-Edit-DeleteAllFiltered does not delete the rows.It presents a window with Yes and No buttons but pressing yes does not delete the rows shown.

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Could you give us the URL to your sheet so we can test this issue out? You can either reply it here or send it to

You can also file this with a support ticket so we can go in and try the deletion for you.

Sometimes I have to do this step twice for it to work. In the meantime, try doing it two times in a row.

I see! I think the reason is that you probably reloaded the listing page before the mass delete finished. Next time could you try reloading the screen after the mass delete job was finished and see if all records are actual deleted? We have recently added an auto reload right after the job was finished.

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That didn’t work but thanks for trying

Reloading showed only the same filtered records.
Nothing happens when I attempt to delete all filtered.
What am I doing wrong?

Jeff you don’t need my data to see if your product is working properly.
Simply it is not working for me. If this won’t work there is no point in me continuing to test Rajic
please let me know what the problem is.

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We’re testing on our test servers on filtering out empty records and mass deleting them, and they are working correctly. In your case there may be other reasons that’s causing this behavior, it would be a lot easier for us to find out what the problem is if we can try the exact same steps on your account.