Default view on mobile app

I have made a shared default view, viewable with all users showing all records for the next 14 days. It’s working on my computer, but not on mobile apps.


It.t been running for 5 years with no problem, but suddenly the app users get all records on their phone, and not only the records for the next period.

What am I doing wrong?


Can we have a look on your record? Please send Ragic Support an Email with URL of the record attached for us to take further investigation.

Thank you


I’m not sure which record you mean? From the mobile device or the web?

This is the record on my computer (web); Gravferdsoversikt neste 14 dager (

The view «Next 14 days» is active.

On the mobile device it shows all records (ca. 350) when the same view is active.

I hope this is clarifying for you, I’m on a short vacation, hence the late answer.

Let me know it there’s anything else you need.

Here is a link to the mobile device:


Thanks for sharing. Looks like the the function behavior is not synced between web and app. We will forward this issue to RD team, will get back to you as soon as we find out the root cause of this.

Hi again.

Do you have any updates on this? Is there anything I can do?

Hi, this issue will be fixed on App version 4.3.6 .
We will inform you once the new version is released. You may then update your App to see if the issue is correctly fixed.


We’ve fixed the filtering issue in the App version 4.3.6. Please kindly update it to see if it works as expected.