Default Group/s?

Hi there,

I would like to have the system field “Group” auto-populate with a default value. I am unable to find a way to do this myself, at this time.

Specifically, I would like the Group field to default to the current users group/s.

Thank you in advance!


Hi Kane,

You can first add a field as Select User and select “Defaulted to current user”, and a second field as Select Group. Then use the Link and Load tool to create a load field under the link between current sheet the the source sheet (system default sheet to manage users ).

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If I may say, it would seem here that, “active participation, in a database’s design solution, is a hell of a thing!”

Thank you very much Ragic Team,

Though this process was not absolutely clear to me from the start, it would seem that once again you guys have not failed to deliver a superb and even brilliant solution, for me, and the Ragic users, yet again! A real a best-practice solution, for a fabulously and refined industry leading user-based database management system!

I could not ask for a more complete solution from you guys!

Thank you very much Chia Yun, for the prompt response, and thank you Ragic team, it is truly a pleasure!



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