Default field sort order

I am curious if there is a way to set default sort order for my database when in view mode. I would like to use the numbers 1-18 in a selection field, but this causes them to be sorted as strings (10 comes before 2). I’ve tried padding the numbers in the list with a leading zero, and now by default that column appear to default to Z-A sorting. Is there a way I can set the view to sort A-Z (or 1-18 in this case) by default on this selection field?

For selection fields, even if the sorting prompt says A-Z sorting or Z-A sorting. It will sort your 1-18 correctly according to its numerical order, if the choice options are purely numerical. If this is not the behavior that you’re seeing, you can send to to have a support staff check your sheet out.

@jeff_kuo, the question was two-part.
Unless I’ve missed the obvious - and this is why I’m here - I can’t see answer how to set the default order for View mode.

I’ve imported records from a CSV sheet and by default they have been stored in my admin list view as reverse order on what was originally my key field.

How I would like to go forward is to have the default view saved as sorted by 2-4 other non-unique fields, as seen in the following example.

I realise that it’s a list view and that searches and filters will do the heavy lifting but for the people who will be actually using my database as a reference source who have had very little db interactivity, I feel that being presented with essentially a reverse-alpha sort as default view will put them off using it.

Just some notes

  1. The Item Number is an auto-generated Key field which I added because I didn’t know how to implement the original alphanumeric key I’d set on import as the Key in the spreadsheet table to auto-generate in the same format in Ragic.
  2. The fields for default view sorting will be three of non-unique fields seen in the images; Classification, Name, Variant

@jeff_kuo - it turns out that it did miss the nearly obvious; not quite the Default sort I was looking for - and I reckon it’s staring me in the face still - but man, is it ever powerful.

The ability to create personal and public “shortcuts” for sorts is totally awesome.

For everyone else who has difficulty finding the forest for the trees, here’s what I’ve been talking about:

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