Default Entries in Sub Table

Hi guys,

Does anyone know if we can arrange some “default entries” to automatically appear in a sub table.

I know, or have seen that we can add "default values’ for each field in a sub table, but what about default entries?

I thought I saw it somewhere, but I have been looking through the Learning Centre and unable to find anything on it. So, I guess I must be mistaken.

Basically, in my Real Estate DB I have an Additional Features sub-table, and would like for some values to already be present on new form entries. It would save a bit of time, while keeping things straight to the point and as succinct as possible.

Please let me know if this is already possible, and if not, if I should request it to be a New Feature!



Hi Kane,

Please try using the Selection and Default Values features to see if they can meet your needs. Thank you.

I have this problem. Default values appear in the fields at the top of the form correctly, but default values do not appear in the sub-table. Further, although a field can be marked as ‘no duplicate in the sub-table’, duplicates can be created and the error is only flagged if the main record is re-saved.


Please provide a screenshot of the situation where the default values are not appearing in the sub-table so that we can investigate the issue. If you find it inconvenient to provide the screenshot here, you can submit it to customer support via “Need Help?” > “Support Ticket” in the upper right corner of your database.

Regarding the “Unique in this subtable” feature, it only checks for data duplication during data storage.

Thank you.

Hi Kane,

For situations where “default entries” in a subtable is required.
I have tried another approach to generate these “default entries” in the subtable.

You can try and see if it applies to your scenario.

What I do is to create a “template” sheets that stores a list of “default entries” in a subtable.
The fields should match whatever you want the default entries to be.

And you you the Custom button to use the template sheet as a starting point to create a new record into the target sheet.

This way no JS Workflow is required, otherwise you might need to write some JS workflow into the post-workflow to generate the default entries.

It doesn’t automatically appear when new record is created on the Target sheet itself.
But users can start from another “template” sheets to select suitable to start with and create the New Record to the target sheet from there.