De-clutter Forms with Tabs

I am rather new to Ragic, but have done a lot of work in other RAD applications Like Clarion, PHPrunner, Scriptcase and Zoho etc. I find Ragic one of the best tools to work in and I love the speed with which the development team implements improvements. There is almost weekly some improvement to look forward to.

The one thing I rather miss is the ability to de-clutter forms by having tabs to divide the form into smaller logical sections. For example a tab for personal information, a separate tab for contact info etc. It will also make it neater and easier to use on mobile.

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We are currently working on a way to expand and collapse a group of rows like on Excel. Would this be helpful in regards to de-cluttering the form similar to the way with tabs?

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That is a great idea! It will definitely de-clutter the forms, especially when you have really large forms. It will also work better than tabs on mobile devices. Glad to hear you are already working on it. I suppose you will have a heading for each subsection or group of rows.

I would want this too! When will this be ready?

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This would be amazing!