dates field

i created a date field but once save i can not edit the field i need to be able to let users modified this field if posible


Would you mind to elaborate more on the issue you have with an example so that we could guide based on your need? Generally, some descriptions with a screenshot would be pretty helpful.

ok every time a user creates a new records and finish it will go to a process of approval. One the manager sign its approval the record can not be edited not even with administrator rights. so if there a mistake it can not be corrected unless there is a way to modified the approval so it can be corrected . in the picture attach none of the fields can be edited.hope is clear the explanation.

thank you for the help all i have to do is unlock the record and change the field… Thank you very much


You may also uncheck the “Lock record when approval starts” in the advanced settings of approval so that users can still edit entries during the approval process: