Date Validation

I want to insure that the date entered in a field is today’s date or earlier (not in the future).
I tried entering ^<=DATE() in the validation box but that does not work.

Any help would be appreciated.



To achieve what you would like to have, please follow steps below:

Let’s say your original date field locates in A2.

Step 1. Create another date field, A3, and apply formulas TODAYTZ().
Step 2. Apply daily formulas recalculation so that TODAYTZ() will auto-renew on a daily basis.
Step 3. Create another free text field and apply IF() to compare if the original date field is smaller than TODAYTZ(). For example,
Step 4. Apply validation: Y on the field created in step 3 so that only entry with “Y” in that field can be saved.

Thank you for that quick response. I will give it a try.