Date/Time Last Modified - updated when "Update Values On Another Sheet" is executed

….hence changing/updating values on the sheet where any Date/Time Last Modified field setting is being used, for a field value.

In my example, I change the market status from let say “For Rent” to “Rented” on my Property (MKTG) Unit form page This then automatically updates using “update valued on another sheet” any corresponding current listing… changing List (Y/N) from “Y” to “N” in this example.

However when this occurs I would love to see the date last modified field being used in the Listing page, be updated as if I were to have open the record and “unlisted” it my self. At the moment this does not occur. The date last modified field mentioned in this case has been named Date Last Updated and can be found on the Listings sheet



Hi Kane,

For now, “Update value on another sheet” will not trigger the default value of “Last update” in the destination sheet. I’ve reported this request to our developers and will keep you posted once the feature released. :slight_smile:

Hi Kane,

We have made some adjustments, you may try and see if it works as expected now.

Hi Amy,

I was busy and only now just got to try this to see if it works, but no, still the same for some reason. I would also like to have this work on my Live site too and not just on the demo site mentioned above

Best Regards,