Date formats and mass update

I use various dates in a formula to calculate monetary amounts given on specific. dates. All my date fields are dd/mm/yyyy in std UK style.
Everything works swimmingly until I try to update a date field using mass update. Then it interprets the mass update input as mm/dd/yyyy format
Anyone else found this to be an issue and know of a solution so that mass update data format can by dd/mm/yyyy


Currently you can only input the date value in our standard formatting “yyyy/MM/dd” when using Mass Update function.

I’ve also forwarded this issue to our development team that we will support accepting the value in different date formatting with Mass update function, especially the formatting you set in the date field.

Sorry for the confusion!

I’ve also requested the ability to set a global date format For the database so we can be dd/mm/yyyy.


You can set it up in Account Setup > Company Settings > Default Date Formatting.

Hi John,

We have applied an update on this feature that you can now mass update with the date value in format you set in the field.