Date format for Linked Fields

I have a database for recording information each time a guest visits our homeless shelter.I want to link and load via birth dates. Problem: the format for the birthdates is dd/mm/yyyy but when I try to enter a birthdate in a new record it won’t pull it up except by using the format yyyy/mm/dd. Example, Jon Doe is in our “registration” sheet with the birthdate of 9/10/1998. On this night, he comes to stay in our shelter. I want to be able to pull in his records by using link and load based on the birthdate. But if I start by entering “9” it immediately says “no records”. The only thing that works is entering the year first. So I can start with 1998/9/10 and it works. But no one writes dates that way here. How do I make the date format match the format of the linked record?


Generally, we won’t suggest configuring the birthday as the linked field. The reason for this is that you may have multiple people that have the same birthday date. Then, you won’t be able to recognize which one is the correct person that comes and stays when you typing in the birthday.
Hence, we would suggest changing the linking field to another field with unique values, such as SSN, mobile number, or other information.