Database query form button colour

I have embedded a query form on my website - can I change the Search button colour to match the colour of my website buttons please?

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Hi, you should be able to change the color by adding custom CSS to your buttons. You can add custom CSS during the setup wizard of your web embed widget.

Thank you for your response - I have realised that I need to add custom css which is fine but I don’t actually what the relevant code is.

Can you tell me how to reference the Search button in the code (i.e. what is the name of the Search button)

I also want to change the colours of the search results list headings but I can’t find an example of the css code to do this I have tried referencing one of the heading styles (e.g. h1, h2 etc.) but haven’t been able to work it out.

Please can you tell me where I can find some example css code to do the things I need ?
Thank you