Data entries automatically adding to another sheet

Hope someone can advise, bit difficult to explain so will try and make it clear as possible.

So I use Ragic for PM work, and I have one main worksheet which I use as my master work list sheet, and what I would like to have is when I create a new job in the master work list to be able to select from a selection drop down which phase of works this jobs is applicable to. Then once selected, this entry / job then duplicates automatically onto a separate sheet which is for phase 1 works, to help categorising the works, is this possible?
Thanks in advance everyone.


You can achieve this via multiple versions. Simply apply different fixed filters on each version to have it display entries under a certain phase.

I don’t see how it will do, if I create a job in my Master Worklist, and when creating that job I enter all the data needed and I select phase 2 works for example, it won’t automatically add that job to both the Master Worklist sheet and the Phase 2 Worklist Sheet would it…?


Multiple versions share same data source, once you add a new entry on version A, it would also shows on version B and modifying entries would be reflected on each sheet.

Assuming Mater Worklist and Phase 2 Worklist are multiple versions, if not, please see link above and create one. Then you could try it out.