Customization of Reminder Email

Hi brother and sister,
i wanted to customize my reminder email
i use the field id to customize the email’s subject
when i pressed the eye icon (to view), it showed what i want.

However, when i pressed preview reminder, it dint show up the email’s subject that i customized.

The email that I received is also not what i want.

I think i do it in a right way but somehow it dint turn up into what i want.

Need help from u guys Thanks.

I attached some of the file for your reference.



You will need to check “Do not merge e-mails to the same receiver” so that custom subject would be applied. The reason is that if different reminders sent to same recipient on the same date are merged into one email, there will be only one subject, which will be a conflict with having custom subject of multiple reminders.

Hi amy. Thanks alot for instant reply.
I will try.
However, if I wish to get an immediate email notification, changing to the day to 0 then i can get instant email notification?

Because, i tested before, but it din get any email notification.


The reminders will be sent according to the time set it Job schedules. (Usually default execution time is 19:00 UTC time, set in Company Settings > Default Job Schedule Execution Time.

If you wish to get an immediate email notification according to a certain rule, you may consider setting up a shared view and using shared view notification.

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thanks for the help~

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