Customised Sheet Design Quotation required

Dinggly design and manufacture Call-for-service Buttons which are used to send messages to pagers.

We are looking to create a bespoke sheet to help us configure each customer requirement.

We have create a sheet template as a guide and inserted Notes on the sheet for most of the fields.

The main requirement is to be able to generate a set of subtable entries from previously entered data and then populate certain fields within the generated subtable.

A detailed spec overview is available.

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If I understand correctly what you are describing then we did something similar for another client.

Please email the spec to us at to review.

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Hi Ed,
Having worked on some very complex Ragic sheets in the past I would be happy to help you out as all that you are wanting done is well within my skill set.
Feel free to reach out to me on
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Andrew, please can you verify yourself somehow and let us know what Ragic work you have done?

Do you have a LinkedIn profile for even Facebook?



I have set myself up to receive gigs on Fiverr - to setup new Ragic accounts for a fixed price, however, I do custom jobs as well, and quote for them accordingly.

Looks like you are doing a custom “customer qualification” form. You what to add to it some sub-tables, and select from the first column, of the suitable, a value found on another sheet, then have all the other suitable values auto-populated, and you what to do this for a number of subtables on the same form! Easy! I can also help with the suitable formatting of the other regular fields and headers on the form page!

Let me know when you want me to start?

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Hi Kane,

Please can you email me

Then I will send you the brief

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