Customisation of Home/Dashboard Page

I really like the usability of Ragic, but one big drawback compared to other database app builders is the lack of the option to customise the home page with widgets, listings, buttons etc. Also, to be able to modify/move/delete the one size fits all Tasks and Events features.


Would you mind sharing some use scenario with some example so that I can offer suggestions based on your need?

2021-11-02 (3)

Hi, thank you for getting back to me. I have attached a few examples of custom Dashboards/Home Pages. Basically, it is just useful to be able to customise your home page to include info relevant to your individual business such as a list of upcoming tasks due, graph or pie chart showing how much each clients owe or a list of projects showing % complete etc etc. Any info that is useful to see when you first open the app. Thanks for listening.

That’s cool, thanks for the sharing. We will discuss with our development team to see if we could make this come out in the future.

Great. Thank you for considering.

Thank you for your suggestion, and this is something definitively on our pipeline. We will be introducing our report widgets on our sheets soon, and will see how we can integrate them into the user’s homepage as a dashboard.


thanks Jeff - that will be a great addition.

That sounds very cool!

May I know when this feature will be available? Looking for the same thing, I need a dashboard that shows analyzed or filtered data from different data sources.


We’ve launched our version of the Customized Homepage Setting, you may click the gear icon to add Report Widget / Text / iframe / Online users / Ragic Records on the homepage.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any feedback :slight_smile: