Custom field selection not saved when downloading Excel/CSV

I created a custom field selection for use when downloading an Excel or CSV snapshot from Ragic for a particular use case. I named the custom selection ‘2024-2027 Capex’ and saved it, then selected it and exported the data without incident.

However, when I went back to export the same data again, the ‘2024-2027 Capex’ preset that I’d seen saved (radio button in selection area) had disappeared and was NOT available.

I tried this a few times, and I just couldn’t get it to save.

However, if I called it ‘2024 to 2027 Capex’ it seems to save properly and be available to me (and others) the next time I go to export data.

My working hypothesis is that the custom field selection when downloading an Excel or CSV snapshot from Ragic isn’t persistent when saved if it has certain special characters (for example, a hyphen) in the title.


Thank you for your report. However, since we are unable to reproduce the issue you described, could you please provide us with screenshots or a screen recording of the steps you took? This will help us confirm the problem.

If you prefer not to provide the information here, please contact customer support through the “Need Help?” option in the top right corner of your database.

Thank you.