Custom branding on login screen(s)

Is there someway I can remove the Ragic branding everywhere on my database?
I need my clients to know that the database they’re using is from us exclusively and NOT another affiliate.

Places of concern are the login pages, welcome screen for users and X-users, remove “Ragic” from “Learn Ragic” at the top of the database etc, etc.

I really hope this can be done as it may just be the deal breaker that would prevent me from continuing to use it I’m afraid.

Thank you for any help you can provide.


Hi Joe,

To change the log-in screen, you can upload your own picture in the company settings.

As for the “Learn Ragic” resources, only SYSAdmin will see those links. For other users, they’ll only see “User Manual” which tell them how to edit entires in Ragic. (If you would like to remove the user manual still, I’ll add you to the notify list and will keep you posted once the feature released.)

Hi Joe,

Just to let you know that the feature of removing “Usual Manual” for non-SYSAdmin users has been released and you can configure it in the feature access settings.

If you can’t see those setting options in your feature access setting page, please send a support ticket via “Need Help?” at the upper right corner of your database and let us know that you want to update your feature access setting page.

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