Cross Referencing

I use Ragic as a research tool. It would be useful if records can be conceptually linked by establishing cross-references between them. A cross-reference comprising a word or group of words that can be used as a search from the current record to identify a target record or group of records. I suggest this as an option on the mouse right-click menu.




To avoid any misunderstanding, please kindly share a use case example for us to refer to.

An example - working with one record - referencing another record simply by selecting a word or group of words and finding the same word or group of words in another record or records. ie code AAA001 in one record found in another. The reference is textual and not case sensitive.

hope this helps

Hi Phil,

Thank you for your response. However, I kindly request that you provide a more specific example, preferably accompanied by a complete screenshot. If you find it inconvenient to share the example on the forum, please reach out to our customer support through the “Need Help?” button located in the top-right corner of the database. Our team will be more than happy to assist you.

Thank you.