Cross Reference

Cross-reference one record to another by text- ie AAA001 in one record to another with AAA001 in other records - highlight the text and select option using right-click menu. I had this function in old database software and I found it very useful


To better understand your feature request, could you please provide us with the full details of your ideal workflow, data examples from your other data system, and some screenshots or video recordings for us to refer to first?

highlight a piece of text ie: a code, a word or a phrase in one record and cross-reference this to the same piece of text in another record or records. An example would be say AAA000 in one record referenced to AAA000 in another record.


If you are referring to two independent entries, they cannot be referenced using formulas directly. You may probably be able to use link & load to select the AAA000 record on another record and then apply formulas to reference the loaded AAA000 record.