Creating x number of entries in a master sheet based of a 'quantity' field in another sheet

I have ‘Master Sheet’ which houses all of our manufacturer serialized assets which will get an unique asset number.
We add the number of each units we are ordering from a manufacturer in our current google sheets master sheet and place the PO we order them from in out ‘PO Number’ Field.

I am building a concept right now and want to basically take the PO we build in XERO, go to a form called ‘New PO’ and do the following:

  1. enter the make, model, factory build specs, etc. and then the quantity of that build. Do this for however many different builds we are ordering.
    -this is what I am wanting to do:
  2. Using something like convert records, take the the ‘quantity’ of each build and add x number of the specific build to the ‘Master Sheet’

Is this possible?


As we’re not familiar with the workflow you have, would you mind to share some screenshots and examples to our support team so that we could evaluate if it’s doable in Ragic?

You can send us a ticket by clicking the “Need Help?” at the upper right corner of your database and selecting “Support Ticket”. Then, please fill the form and click on the red button to submit.

Okay, I have sent a ticket with this thread link as reference.