Creating an order view filtered from a larger list

I am building a consolidated database from multiple online stores and their various platforms. Information is forced into uniform formats and nicely deposited into a table of items ordered, each with a unique identifier and the various details about every line exhaustively listed out.

The issue I’m running into (very new to Ragic) that I can’t find a way to view a sales order type form and filter the items show by the order number. Every sample I’ve found so far uses Link and Load which is a manual selection step. Is there a way to filter that same linked information and automatically display it? For example, if I select order 5062-W from my sample data, my sales order should automatically populate details of my choosing from records test6 and test7.

Additionally I want to have a store view set up for Test123 that would show me all lines associated with that Store and filtering options for fields such as date or status.


In your case, I’ll suggest you create an “Order” sheet with item subtables.

  1. For the regular field, you may create order information fields(e.g. Order#, STORE, Order Date).
  2. For the subtable, you may create order item fields(e.g. UNIQUE, Item SKU, Item Name)
  3. Use New Sheet From Subtable to create a new sheet, in which every item by every order will be a record.
  4. Import your data to this new sheet, and it will sync with the Order sheet.

You’ll be able to see ordered items by every order in the Order sheet (e.g. When you get into the Orer 5062-W, you’ll see test5, test6, and test7 in the subtables.).