Create a report that pulls data from multiple sheets

Hi - I’m wanting to build a report that will pull data from multiple sheets.
I have a sheet to track daily order information (date, number orders received, number orders fulfilled etc
I have another sheet to track inventory (date, number of products, number of products with no stock etc)
I have some other sheets in same kind of thing - reason for multiple sheets is that i can give access to different users for data entry of their specific function responsibilities.
So i then want to roll some up info from these multiple sheets into a single report that gives me overall visibility of key stats.
I was thinking i could create a single consolidated sheet that has each date and pulls over data from each of the other sheets for that same date and from there i can create a report of this consolidated sheet. but i can’ work out how to create the single sheet?

Is this possible? any ideas ?


may have worked something ou here - am playing with multiple versions which seems ot be giving me what i want - will keep playing for now


Currently we don’t support pulling data from multiple sheets, so you can combine different multiple versions to create a master sheet and pull data from it.