Count down field

I have a field that has a date you can nominate, and then I also have a field with a formula that returns a countdown of how many days until that date is.
I.e Today is 24 May. Nominated date is 28th May. Countdown (formula) field therefor equals 4 Days.
Works fine for the first day, however it does not countdown as desired when a new day passes.

I want this countdown field to recalculate everyday so it is clear to all users how many days they have left to action the record.
I can do this manually by clicking the “apply this formula to all saved records”, however, this is a manual process I need to do everyday, and it also leaves a trail in every records history, which I would prefer not to have, as the History is already very long.

To do this automatically, I found this documentation,

However, it appears to use the feature, you need to be subscribed to professional, not Lite version.
Is there any way to have this field automatically recalculated daily without professional version? Thanks


Sorry that currently there’s no other workaround. It can only be done by writing daily workflow in Java Script Engine to automatically recalculate formulas on daily basis.