Copy Sub table records from another sheet


We would like to have task templates that are used in projects when that template is selected. It needs to be a pull and not a push from the subtable record, and I am hoping to avoid having to write a script.

This is the template!/4/0

Then in the project record the user selects the template of task record

When this happens it should suck through the child records from the template and look like this.

In action.

Thought I would ask all the clever people.

Hi Stephen,

Are you referring to link (independent field) and load “subtable fields”? If yes, it’s not supported in Ragic and you will need to write some script for it.

A work around is to open the template, select the project to push the subtables records to and then use Convert records to update that project with the child records.

Push instead of pull basically :wink:
See it in action here!/5/0