Convert user to external user

One of our external users was made (internal) user temporarily due to circumstances. I would like to convert him back to external user. How can I do this?


Please try Suspend the user first then re-add the user back as external user.

Thank you!

Hi Chiayun,

I have suspended the user, but can’t find how to re-add him as external user. Could you show me how to do that?

Thank you.


Sorry missed mentioning that after suspending the user, you also need to delete the user from the internal user list as well. Then you can re-add the person back as external user.

If you’re still facing systematic issue please send us an email to Ragic Support with your database details then we would be able to investigate further.

Thank you!


By doing so, will the person’s project history remain intact? Meaning, will his name still be linked to all projects he has worked on in the past?


Currently there’s no way to transfer the paid internal user account into the free external user account. You will have to delete the user and re-add it as external user, and any records that have “select user” field value with its name will be removed when deleting this user account.

Thank you for your reply

Amy can you pls submit this to the Development Team?

As, in the future if I require doing the same, i.e. changing a paid user to an x-user, then it would seem that I am going to fall into the same difficulty.

The way I see it. If the user is suspended (no need to delete), then there should be no problem adding them to the x-user list in such cases, at the moment I think is says “email is already in the database”.

Thanks, and best of luck!


Usually the “paid-user” is for the user who is in your company/organization, and it should not be added/transferred to external user (without paying) afterwards, this is the reason we don’t provide this feature.