Control the tab order on a form

Is there a way to control which is the next field to get focus when tabbing out of a field?

If a form has columns e.g. the Asset Management template the tab order is horizontal, so the cursor goes from column 1/line 1 -> column 2/line 1 -> column 1/line 2 -> column 2/line 2 and so on.

That doesn’t make sense for data entry where the data in a column is related, the tab order should be down column 1, then down column 2.

The ability to override the ‘next field on exit’ would help with UX.


Okay, so it works the same as the excel default, tab = move right, enter = move down

That helps but doesn’t solve the problem. In the case of the Asset Management example, because the left column is longer than the right, when the user gets to the ‘Actual Replacement Date’ field both tab an enter go to the Asset Transfer Information sub table.

I would like to be able to force the tab direction down column 1 and then go from Actual Replacement Date to Supplier

Yes, the basic idea is to move right on tabs. But we have received some feedback on wanting to customize the tab order. We will consider adding a “next tab” option for a field so that the sheet designer can specify the field that the user should focus on next when the user is focused on the current field. When this is not set, it will just follow the default rules.

Does this sound like something that will solve the problem without needing to configure this for every single field on your sheet?

Sounds perfect Jeff.

Hi there Jeff, Did this tab sequence functionality get built yet? thanks Rosemary