confused by instructions to link sheets together

OK, I’m really, really confused.

The instructions in the manual document about how to Link fields bear no resemblance to what is accessible via the Design mode -> Form Tools menu.

How the blazes do I link two sheets when there is, in my eyes, confused instructions to start with?

That’s the listing page (summary of all records of a sheet), you have to do the linking on the form page (detail page).

You can click on the right arrow button at the top right to go to the design mode of your form page.

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Thanks Jeff, but because there are TWO Tools menus I only looked at one, thinking that there was the same.

Just a suggestion, I’d find a way to make it clearer.

I see what you mean!
Maybe a message on the listing page tools menu saying that some items are only available on the form page would help?

Or even better, rename one of the “Form Tools” tabs.:grin:

Mmm… “Listing Page Tools” and “Form Page Tools” seems too long. Probably “Listing Tools” and “Form Tools”. But they sound a little weird.

Sheet Tools for the upper level
Form Tools for in Design Mode