Conditional Mandatory


It seems very hard to make a field mandatory based on another field using conditional formatting.

Here is what we have done using your suggestions unless I missed something. Please help me with this as there must be an easier way to do this that we might be missing. The example form is which support can access and play with.

Firstly it is such a pity you do not support Show field for hidden fields, as this would make all this much easier. As a workaround I am force to make it visible and then make a conditional formula to always hide it by default before I decide to show it using a field which always has a value like an autogen, and then only show it when I need to. That also means each time I add a new condition I need to move this default hide rule as step one to the top.

Then to try to get this to work I have a temp field to check if a file was uploaded IF(COUNT… as per image.
Then I check if the Status is not “Pending” and the user has not uploaded a file then display the field with the error message This does not force the user to upload the file it just shows the error msg which is not ideal when the form is very deep as they might not see this error\warning show up.

Problem summary:

  • Not able to tell Ragic to dynamically make a field required in conditional formatting :arrow_forward: this would be the most user-friendly way
  • Not able to Show hidden fields
  • Although I can show a error message it does nor force the user to do something like upload a file or enter a value in a field.
  • Last but least important is the COUNT(A3) returns “” or “1” when it should return the actual number of files.

Could we not have a conditional format rules that if X it true then “Make required” and allow us to select the field, like you do with the show or hide? Just a thought to make it simple and user-friendly.

You are welcome to change this form to make it work and force the user to upload a file when it is not Pending. This is not just for files uploads but other text fields that need a value based on a condition.

Thanks as always


The sorting of the rules will not affect the result and you can just leave the original sorting.

From your description, it’s better to apply validation instead of conditional formatting as you need to force users to upload the files when the “Status” field is “Pending”.

For example, in the “File Check” field, apply formulas


Then, apply validation as below:

When users try to save the entry, they will see a pop-up window with the error message:

Furthermore, they won’t be able to save the entry and get the same error message until they upload a file.

Currently, fields with multiple values, including multiple select, multiple select from other sheets, multiple file uploads, and multiple select user/group, can’t be set as the referenced field in the formulas. We’ll add a warning to notify this shortly.

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Wonderful I had a feeling this was the hard way around.

Thanks a ton