Conditional Formatting


Hi Jeff,

I tried to set a conditional format such as if delivery date is greater than today’s date then highlight cell. I cannot seem to set today, all I see is before or after in conditional formatting a date field.

Is there a way I can overcome this problem?

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Hi Hari,

Currently variables like this is not supported yet on conditional formatting. But we do have this work item on our roadmap and it should be supported a few releases down the line.



I tried to do conditional formatting to show the colour of field value background but when I try login ragic through phone apps the conditional formatting for colour of field value is not showing in the phone apps??



Currently, Ragic mobile APP does not support conditional formatting.


Thank you! It would also be nice if we can do one based on another cell’s date. I am wanting to use this in the list view. Example: highlight if this column’s date is later than this column’s date.


Hello, has any work been done on this? I also would also like to use TODAYTZ() as a conditional format, but seem unable to do so.



Do you mean that you want to apply conditional formatting in the mobile APP?


No, not on the mobile app.
On the desktop version I want to apply a conditional format that says if a field is today’s date (or earlier), the row is highlighted.



From your description, I would say you can achieve this with the steps below:

  1. Create a date field with TODAYTZ()
  2. Apply daily formulas recalculation
  3. Create another free text field with conditional formulas to compare the date field you mentioned with the field created in step 1.
  4. Apply the conditional formatting based on the field created in step 3.


Setting “before” or “after” a certain date or “Today”, “This week”, etc is now supported in our conditional formatting!
Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions.



Thank you!


Can this be added to the dynamic filters? For some of my sheets, I need more than the next 365 days (though this has been very helpful for most of my sheets!) so today and after for example. Also, maybe combining options in filters? Like this year and next year.




You can apply the filter on the date field in the source sheet with the fixed filter or default filter first. Then, the filter will be applied in the pop-up window of “Select from other sheet” as well.