Conditional Formatting on (new) Sheet Action Buttons

Hey Guys. The new Action buttons on the sheet is SOOOO good. It appears the conditional formatting doesn’t work yet on the sheet though (understandable with a new feature) but would be a great addition ie if date of {date} of FIELD <= Today -> Hide Action Button XXX


We’re glad that you like the Action buttons on the sheet! Thanks.
Would you mind to share more information about this need? Such as some description with a screenshot, that would be helpful.

In the form view we can hide action buttons in conditional formatting.
In the Sheet view this option is not available.

In our example
We have a “send initial response” (to customer) Action button. When we send it sends an email and populates the “Response Sent” date field. In the Form view, once the “response sent” date is populated this action button is hidden. The conditional formatting will not hide an action button in the sheet Sheet view meaning it is always visible.


Thanks for your information that we could have a clear view.
The action button had been added to listing page as field so it’s viewed as field now. You could try hide the field “Send Initial Response”, the action button (field value) would be hided when the condition is met.

ah, of course. Hide the field, not the button. That worked well. Many thanks Hank.

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Excuse my ignorance but what exactly is the “New Action Button on Sheets”. I would love if this means that the buttons can be anywhere on the sheet and not just in the action area. But I don’t see this option.


Currently, it only supported on the listing page. You may refer to the article below:

Cool. Would be great if we could have that on the form page too.



I’ll add you to the notify list and update this thread once the feature is released. :slight_smile:

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Placing action buttons on form page is now supported.
You may refer to this document for more details: Add action buttons into fields

This is a game changer. Now I can make more professional looking sheets.
Specially love the “hide action button” on conditional formating. This way I can let people see the button under certain criterias. Also helpful to avoid executing the button twice.

Thank you, Ragic Team.

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