Conditional formating rules execution sequence/order

In some cases, you need the order in which rules are processed to be executed in a specific sequence so please can we have the ability to set the order of the rules execution sequence.

Thanks team

Hi Stephen,

The conditional formatting will execute rules from top to the bottom. If you have a field that is listed in multiple rules, the system will execute all the rules and use the result of the last rule to hide or display a field. Hence, to make sure the result is correct, please tune your rules and set an independent rule for that field.

Hi Angie,

Thanks and enjoy your speed in getting back to us always.

What I meant was can we be given the functionality to change the order of the rules execution like we can change the menus. Sometimes you build a long complex set of rules and then need to shuffle the order while testing.

Not a major requirement so a nice to have.

Hi Stephen,

I’ll make a note for changing the order of rules in conditional formatting for developers to discuss.

However, if the rules are set correctly, shuffle the orders will not affect the test result. If the test results are different when you shuffle the order, that means you have field listed in multiple rules.