Concatenate subtable column - with comma separated values!


Can’t seem to figure out how to do this… I have looked at the supported formulas… I only hope that it can be done! :blush:

When I simply enter the “column ref” into a arbitrary field, it does give a concatenate for all the values within that field. However without any spaces and commas!

So my question is, “how can I have it concatenate with “spaces” and “commas”?”

Thanks heaps guys and gals,



You may try UNIQUE() and see if it works for you.

Hi Angie,

Thanks so much, I seemed to have missed that one! I did notice UNIQUE to be one of the first formulas on the list, but kept passing over it, believing it to be something else! Gees-an-ages!

Well no “spaces” but “commas”, it’ll have to do! :slight_smile:

By the way, if you don’t mind! Say I would like it (the formula) to meet a certain criteria, say that another field in the sub table must equate to “TRUE” for it be included in the UNIQUE concatenation mentioned above… Any idea how this could be done (e.g. combining a VLOOKUP or filtering in some way to the formula).Hope you don’t feel like I’m testing you here! :slight_smile:

Anyway Angie, thanks of all your help as usual!



You can create another free text field with IF() in the subtable to achieve this. For example:
That means when the A2 equals “TRUE” then return the value of B2. Otherwise, leave it blank.

Then, apply the UNIQUE() based on the free text field and you’ll get the concatenation for the rows that with a “TRUE” in A2.

Thanks Angie,

That will work perfectly! I have some more modifications that would like to do, and was trying to figure it out beforehand! Can’t believe I didn’t think of it at the time for myself! :blush:

Thanks for your help!