Concatenate 2 free text field extract into 1 free text field

Let’s suppose there are 2 free text fields as follows:
A1 (value L-Lotion pump)
C1 (value B-Button Stopper)

Then I created a third free text field at E1 with formula "left(A1,1)+left(C1,1).
I would expect to see “LB” at E1, but get a blank field.

But if I create A2 with formula “left(a1,1)” and C2 with formula "left(c1,1), then I create at E2 with formula “A2+C2”, then I get “LB” at E1.

Do I always have to create temporary fields when I want to do text concatenation?

Thank you.

Try E1 formula to LEFT(A1,1)+LEFT(C1,1)
Ragic formula is case-sensitive.

Thank you.
It worked.