Combining Subtables

Hello! Is there a way to combine multiple subtables into one subtable? For example, I have a parent sheet with two subtables on it made with the “show references from existing sheets” linking feature. Would it be possible to combine the results of both of these reference subtables into one subtable? Thank you!

Hi Sam,

Please clarify how you intended to combine it.
Option A) Permanently combine into one of them, such that the other one no longer need to exist.
Option B) Combining these two “on the fly” only when needed.

Which one do you want to do?
For Option A: (Permanent Consolidation)
You can simply make sure corresponding field are of the same name (which makes it easier to consolidate data into correct fields.) then export data from one of them into another.

For Option B: (On-the-fly)
I am not aware of something like “database view” that exists in Ragic database that does this type of combining of two “separated and unrelated” subtables. If these two subtable needs to exist at the same time at different places and can also be combined into a single subtable when necessary.
Maybe you can try create them as “Multiple versions” of the same sheets, so it is actually one sheet.

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