Colours for Selections

Please add the ability to select colours other than grey for the bubble color around selections in Single or especially Multiple Select fields.

We’re using selections in a Multiple Select field to tag records with characteristics (e.g. budget year, department, etc.). Because all selections have the same bubble color, it’s difficult to review a table column with a bunch of selections for each record to confirm that a particular selection has been applied.

Airtable manages this quite nicely with separate, user-selectable colours for each selection. I can review a column/field for a table of records in seconds, because I’m looking to confirm they’ve all got “the green one” included.


Thank you for your suggestion. We have already reported this feature request to our development team, and we will discuss the feasibility of implementing it. If this feature is officially rolled out, we will notify you through this forum. Thank you.


It’s now supported to set option colors for single/multiple selection field type.
Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

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